Cancer and colon rectum, ‘Lifeline’ prevention campaign makes a stop in Milan

The Ethicon (J&J Medtech) initiative at the San Raffaele hospital

Raise awareness and inform more and more about the importance of colorectal cancer prevention and screening is the goal of the campaign ‘Lifeline” promoted by Ethicon, part of Johnson & Johnson Medtech, which today made a stop at the Irccs San Raffaele hospital in Segrate (Mi), with an installation that reproduces a colon in an ‘inflatable’ format about 12 meters in sizeset up in the main square of the hospital. Giulia Martina Cavestro, gastroenterologist at San Raffaeleproposed to the interested people, the online Premm5 test for the evaluation of the possible genetically determined risk of developing a tumor pathology due to the presence of a pathogenetic variant (mutation) of the DNA.

Early detection of colorectal cancer is very important and improves survival. It is obtained thanks to the screening that has been active in Italy for several years and every fifty-year-old receives an invitation to the test to discover any traces of occult blood in the feces “, explains Cavestro.” You must also pay attention to the familiarity of the pathology. In the presence of first-degree relatives with colorectal cancer, screening must be anticipated “. about 25% of colon cancer cases have a family historyfrom 6 to 10% can be associated with an inherited pathogenetic variant, but today we know that there are other potential risk factors that favor the onset of cancer: obesity, poor diet, physical inactivity, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking.

Colon cancer ranks second in Italy in the male and female population for incidence and mortality. In 2020 alone, approximately 43,700 new diagnoses were estimated and in the same year, according to Istat data, there were over 21,000 deaths. “Ethicon has always been committed to taking care of people at risk. The ‘Lifeline’ campaign was launched a year ago with the aim of support the health system in bringing patients back to take care of their healthespecially in early and timely diagnosis of colorectal cancer, “he explains Simona Braghi, country medical & education director of Johnson & Johnson MedTech.

“The campaign – continues Braghi – has crossed all of Italy and is, in our opinion, very important because it wants to increase attention towards an oncological pathology of which much of the natural history is known. It is therefore essential to be able to identify early on what may be the initial stages of the disease to avoid reaching advanced situations that could lead to greater treatment difficulties “, he concludes.