Cannabis, Gelmini: “Nobody dreams of liberalizing joints”

The minister’s words

Cannabis in Italy? “Nobody dreams of liberalizing joints”. Word of Mariastella Gelmini, interview today on the topic from the Journal. “The anti-prohibitionist positions of part of the 5 Star Movement are known and Minister Dadone has never made any secret of his position. But personal positions are one thing and the government line is one thing. And I have no doubts that from this point of view given there is no room for such positions. When Dadone herself states that the issue is possibly the responsibility of Parliament, she knows that there is no pro-liberalizing majority of cannabis. The real goal must be to free society from drugs and not to legalize drugs “, affirms the Minister of Autonomies, underlining that the distinction between” soft and hard drugs is misleading and dangerous, because it tends to give the idea that there are substances that do no harm. But this is not the case “. And he reiterates: “The position of Forza Italia is that which has always been expressed by Maurizio Gasparri. We are against drugs and against any measure of legalization of consumption”.

According to Gelmini, the fact that legalization would give a blow to the mafias “is the main argument of the anti-prohibitionist front and I understand that it has an apparent logic of its own. But if we had considered drugs and, more generally, addictions a matter only ‘criminal’ we would not have needed two days of conference. It was enough to bring together the police. It is not just a criminal problem: moreover, even with the liberalization of cannabis, the mafia would continue to make profits with cocaine. And actually also with the cannabis, because unfortunately there is widespread consumption among minors, and I want to hope that no one dreams of legalizing joints for boys “, he concludes.