Cap Group at Ecomondo presents its projects for the ecological transition

The Lombard green utility protagonist of 27 meetings

Purified water to be used in agriculture to cope with the problems caused by drought, purification sludge used to produce clean and km0 energy, purification and waste treatment plants that are increasingly technologically advanced, but also an uninterrupted dialogue with the territory and users, with particular attention to the new generations and to the youngest, who are so sensitive to environmental issues. Group Capmanager of the integrated water service of the Metropolitan City of Milan, it will be the protagonist of 27 meetings, events and round tables within Ecomondothe reference event for the energy transition that takes place at the Rimini Fair from 8 to 11 November, to present all its circular economy projects and its industrial strategy aimed at saving water, reuse, recovery and the recirculation of resources in the context of waste management purification processes.

“Invest in technological innovation and in the circular economy are the principles underlying our entire industrial strategy – he explains Alessandro Russo, president and CEO of Gruppo Cap – By working together with institutions, both at central and local level, and with other public and private entities operating in all areas of public services, we can respond adequately to the challenges that the future, but also our difficult present, are posing to us. We have a great opportunity offered by the PNRR and the plan drawn up both in the areas of energy, digital and ecological transition to build the foundations for a more sustainable future today ”.

By effectively interpreting the ecological and digital transition processes, Cap has in fact broadened its horizons by gradually assuming the nature of a green utility, helping to build the future of the territory with the launch of innovative and ambitious circular economy projects, while striving to reduce the environmental impact of its activities. Just think of the new headquarters, built in the popular Milanese district of Romolo: a zero-emission building, which combines exceptional architectural features with cutting-edge technological solutions and services for the inhabitants of the area, thus acting as a cornerstone for rethinking and renewal. of the whole neighborhood.

In particular, four meetings will be hosted at the Cap Group stand. The first, during the opening day, will be dedicated to the “Ce4We, Integrated tools and approaches for circular water management”, During which Cap will present the project Circular Economy 4 Water and Energy (Ce4We), co-financed by the Lombardy Region on Por-Fesr funds, which saw the creation of a territorial Hub at the Lombard level to evaluate new strategies and approaches to circular water management, illustrating the tools to adapt to the impact of human action and climate change obtained through hydrological and hydrogeological modeling. The second appointment, Wednesday 9, is “The Italian case study of the H2020 project: digital at the service of water reuse for agriculture“. Also on Wednesday, Cap will host the meeting “Environmental communication and the challenge of generations: new grammars and tools in comparison“. Together with the authors of the book “The missing ring. Environmental communication to the test of ecological transition “, the Ecomondo meeting will serve to deepen the processes, methodologies and tools available to all subjects, public and private, who today can and must play a role in the context of challenges environmental.

Thursday 10 will be the turn of the appointment dedicated to the theme “The new technological frontiers for the circular economy: the Neutalia case”, Which will discuss one of the most important initiatives of the Cap Group, Neutalia, the public company that manages the Busto Arsizio waste-to-energy plant, in the province of Varese, which will illustrate the 2022-2047 Business Plan. Cap will then be present in several important events of the event, first of all the one dedicated to “Pnrr and water resource management“. The NRP foresees a good 2.9 billion euros (to which another billion is added from other sources) for investments in water infrastructures, to enhance and improve the efficiency of the national water system and to cope with the effects of the climate crisis. In this context, working alongside the Metropolitan City of Milan, Cap obtained funding for the construction of 90 sustainable urban drainage projects in 32 municipalities. Alessandro Russo will talk about this great challenge that involves all areas of water resource management, in the role of vice president of Utilitalia with responsibility for water.

Tuesday 8th there will be the meeting “Circular energies: materials at the service of the energy transition”, During which the Lombard green utility will bring its case histories of sludge recovery for energy production. Today Cap is already able to produce, using the existing plants in the area in which it operates, over 10 million cubic meters of biogas, from which to obtain 5 million cubic meters of biomethane capable of supplying 51 million kwh per year. By extending the Forsu treatment also to the Pero and Cassano plants, it could be possible to produce 24 million cubic meters of biogas, equal to over 13.5 million cubic meters of biomethane, capable of supplying 123 million kWh per year. Totally green energy, because it derives from the treatment of sewage sludge, over 90 thousand tons produced every year in the Cap plants. A concrete contribution to the energy transition underway. On November 9 Alessandro Russo will also be one of the protagonists of States General of the Green Economythe annual event included in the Ecomondo program, on the occasion of the international plenary session dedicated to the theme “Defending the future of water“.