Capaleo, the right sense of anticipation creates the saving effect: the video

In this video clip I wanted to create a contrast between warm and cold colors, which correspond to the strong mix of emotions I was feeling in that period. A not too pleasant period in my life, in which repetitive voices and thoughts were destroying me and everything I had built. I couldn’t recognize myself, I was in a constant fight with myself, sabotaging any type of relationship. I wanted to report scenes that oscillate between anger, calm and resignation. Resignation is equivalent to the boot blocking my head, too many thoughts have now taken over and I feel like I have no energy left. The only thing to do is stay still, silent and let time pass.

The fact of finding myself in a “school” situation, with a skateboard next to me, reminds me of the moments of carefree, when a sandwich at recess and a day of ramps and fun made me feel calm and without any kind of worries.

In a dark, cold and gray room, I vent my anger. There’s no one who can hear me so I take the opportunity to punch the wall and scream at the top of my lungs.

I shot the video in a nightclub in Arezzo, a place I frequented for a few years, where I spent evenings with friends. For me, the Prince of Arezzo, this is the name of the structure where the scenes are set, is a place that reminds me of my first sentimental and erotic experiences. This nightclub is not only frequented by kids but also by older people and it is there that I met the psychologist I talk about in the video and in my single. This is, in short, the story of “L’Effetto”, a song that coherently and at times crudely represents the reality that I am experiencing in this period of my life. Intense, but not simple. Follow all the news on my social channels.