Capital gains case, Salvini: “Only Juve punished, strange…”

The minister: “I support Milan and I don’t have to defend the Bianconeri, but everyone uses certain methods”

“As a Milan fan, I’m not a Juventus defender. It seemed strange to me that in a system where it seems that many, if not all, have used certain methods… Only against Juve have we intervened with a straight leg”. This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Infrastructure Minister Matteo Salvini after the sentence of the FIGC Court of Appeal which penalized Juventus by 15 points in the case of capital gains.

“Juventus fans certainly don’t need me, who then become transport minister. However, closing the football parenthesis which is entertainment for children, I find that they have come heavily into Juve’s house as if it were just a problem for Juventus. It seemed strange to me “, underlines Salvini.

The deputy premier says he is “close to the Juventus fans because they have nothing to do with it” and that “if someone has made a mistake for the love of God it is right that they pay” but, observes Salvini, “if they accuse you of making capital gains and therefore of the value of the players… to fake it you need two, and therefore if they only punish one, either the system is cross-eyed or Juve is annoying”.