Capital gains Juve, Giletti: “The team is a sick football scapegoat, where are the other attorneys?”

“Would it have acted alone, without having relations with the other teams with which it exchanged players?”

“It’s clear how Juve has been the subject of particular attention from the judiciary for years. I wonder: where are the other Italian prosecutors?? It is Juve that must act as a starting point sick calcium scapegoat? Was it decided at the table to hit Juventus to give a message to all the other clubs?” These are the questions that the journalist asks in an interview with Adnkronos Massimo GilettiJuventus super fan, in the aftermath of the news that the Federal Court has accepted the application for the revocation of the capital gains process presented by the FIGC prosecutor’s office, sanctioning Juventus with a penalty of 15 points in the standings.

“These capital gains – Giletti articulates – which are the evil of football not only in our country but also at a European level, Juve she would have done them alone, in complete solitude, without having relationships with the other teams with which he exchanged players?” For the reporter and presenter “one would have to laugh as if it were a farce but in reality it worries me, also because I believe in the law, and sincerely I look forward to seeing the new cards”. Also because, underlines Giletti, “everyone knows that the famous ‘ne bis in idem’ is a cornerstone of the law, and in this case it seems to me clearly violated in the light of my information to date”. Finally, argues the Juventus fan journalist, “I also find it curious that the prosecution asks for 9 points and the court sanctions 15. It is the umpteenth question mark I ask myself. So, I’m waiting to see.”