Capital gains Juve, Moggi: “It looks like new Calciopoli, they’re trying”

The former Juventus director on the capital gains investigation: “I know the method, it looks like 2006”

“It seems to me the beginning of a new football club or at least they are trying”. Luciano Moggi, former director general of Juventus, said this to Adnkronos regarding the investigation by the Turin prosecutor’s office on the capital gains concerning the Juventus club in particular. “I don’t know the cards in this case of capital gains but I know the methods with which you want to hit as it was done in 2006. There are, as then, many clubs involved but we only talk about Juventus, why? I don’t understand so much hatred towards this one. club “, adds the former Juventus general manager.

“I think Palamara is right: investigating Juve attracts the spotlight but beware of hitting Juventus because it drives all Italian football and in particular the national team – Moggi emphasizes, referring to the recent statements of the former magistrate. 2006 when we won the World Cup in the following World Cups, post calciopoli, we went out twice in the first round and once we didn’t even qualify. regular and in the civil one it appears that no arbitrator is corrupt “.