Capital gains Juve, sports justice needs rules and means that don’t exist

The reactions to the sentence that penalized her by 15 points are polarized, certainties are needed for everyone

The opinion expressed on the Juventus for the capital gains case it is questionable, hasty, exaggerated. No, on the contrary, it is only the beginning of the just punishment that will sanction a senseless management. The sentence issued by the Federal Court of Appeal, with the Immediate penalty of 15 points in the standings for the team led by Allegri, it divides on the basis of personal sensitivity and the level of guarantee that one wants to express but also on the basis of the sense of belonging, the fan involvement of anyone who writes, speaks or just thinks about football.

Around sports justice there is the eternal suspicion of conspiracy, manipulation, arbitrary adjustment. One way or the other. Faced with the operative part of a sentence, pending the reasons, the reactions are almost all polarised. Juve is innocent, due to bias; Juve must disappear, due to bias. In between, there should be justice. In this case, the sporting one, which should run its course through all levels of judgment and express itself on the facts, on the tests, and on the basis of the rules.

The facts must be thoroughly ascertained, the evidence is that which emerges from the work done by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office with the Prisma investigation, which led to the request for indictment of Andrea Agnelli and 11 other executives and which is based above all on the content of the interceptions that describe the way in which Juventus’ top management operates. Sports justice, which does not have the means it should have, moves accordingly. The federal prosecutor considered that there were new and probative elements in the papers of the Turin prosecutor’s office, such as to make the request for partial revocation of the decision made by the federal court of appeal last May, when they were all acquitted, well founded. And we arrived at yesterday’s ruling.

The rules remain. We are talking about capital gains, in this phase, because then we will also have to talk about maneuvers on salaries and invoices for agents. Good, actually bad, it’s not at all clear whether the problem is the capital gains, which everyone or almost everyone does and which should therefore be regulated in another way, or the use of the capital gains was made only at Juve. The fact that emerges is that sports justice needs rules that don’t exist, in addition to the means it doesn’t have.

Guarantees must be kept in balance with respect for justice. Everywhere, and even in football. The sentence is there and with the sentence, the 15-point penalty for Juventus and all the rest, it is inevitable to come to terms. But in everyone’s interest, starting with the fans who are crying scandal today and those who would like to see Juventus disappear, sports justice must be put in a position to do its job with the times, means and rules that football deserves. Because the temptation to reduce it only to football, to a game that can be administered with a justice that works in fits and starts, ignoring that it is a system that moves billions of euros, is the best way to condemn it to extinction. (Of Fabio Insenga)