Caporalato, blitz Gdf Gorizia against exploitation of laborers: 4 arrested

The investigation arose from an anonymous phone call

The finance police of Gorizia, under the direction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Isonzo capital, arrested three Romanians and a Moldovan, for illegal intermediation and exploitation of the workforce with the aggravating circumstances of the threat, the number and the minor age of the workers in the of a blitz against the corporal.

A search was carried out of the houses and premises used by the suspects, in the provinces of Gorizia and Udine, including three dormitories where the presence of 30 Romanian workers was found, all illegal, including a minor under 18 and a under 16 years old.

The detentions, the financiers of Gorizia report, were validated by the investigating judge of the Court of Gorizia who converted them into pre-trial detention in prison for three of the four suspects and into compulsory residence for the fourth. The investigation arose from an anonymous telephone call to the “117” of the operations room of the Provincial Command of the Yellow Flames in which a Romanian reported that a compatriot had escaped from the Gorizia area because for months, together with many others, he had been exploited as a farm laborer by part of a group of corporals, also Romanians.