Capossela, the Thirteen Urgent Songs of his album bind us to our present time

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Is titled Thirteen urgent songs and it will come out April 21st the new album by Vinicio Capossela. Thirteen new songs written between February and June 2022 and recorded in the following months as a direct consequence of the historical moment we are experiencing. Songs which, as the title of this work anticipates well, arise from the need to face and deal with the most pressing problems that crowd a world now supine, sunk on the sofa. A world in which everything, including emotion, has been domiciled and in which the worst of catastrophes is befalling: war, with all the corollary of poisoning, simplification, inflation, nullification of every “cultural” effort (subject well anticipated by the first of the urgent songs, The Children’s Crusadea song against all wars).

Vinicio Capossela writes: “Thirteen urgent songs” is the title of the album that will be released on April 21st. They are songs written, produced and recorded over the course of the last year, in this time of doubt and distance, of the end of the world served at the rate of one alarm a day, starting from last February 24th, when it became aware that the time to postpone urgent matters is not unlimited and claims our full belonging to the present. It is a musically polymorphous disc, which alternates between different forms, from sixteenth-century madness to 90s reggae and dub. There are ballads, waltzes, jives and even a cha cha cha. And there are many musicians and many musical instruments. To present an urgent disc we have chosen the most urgent form of all: performing it in public with all the musicians involved the evening before its release, in a music room without frills: the Sala Verdi auditorium of the Milan Conservatory. There will be strings, reeds, brass, electronic instruments, musicians and guest voices: Mara Redeghieri, Margherita Vicario, Irene Sciacovelli, Sir Oliver Skardy, Cesare Malfatti, Don Antonio (Gramentieri), FiloQ, Andrea Lamacchia, Alessandro “Asso” Stefana , Piero Perelli, Taketo Gohara, Mauro Ottolini, Michele Vignali, Daniela Savoldi, Enrico Gabrielli and Maestro Raffaele Tiseo who formed and arranged many songs. A public execution in the evening together with a small christening party to get baptized in advance. The actual concerts will follow in the autumn. We are waiting for you. Thank you”.

Thirteen urgent songs will be previewed on April 20 at 21 in the Sala Verdi of the Milan Conservatory. Presales available at the link:

Thirteen urgent songs And a production La Cupa, on label Talkphone For Warner Music Italy.