Car overwhelms passers-by in Jerusalem, 5 injured. Netanyahu: It’s an attack

In Israel, a car ran over passers-by near the Mahane Yehuda fruit and vegetable market in Jerusalem. According to the rescue services, five were injured, one of them in serious condition.

The driver of the car was killed

The man driving the car was killed. This was reported by the Jerusalem Post website, according to which “the terrorist, residing in East Jerusalem, was shot and killed by a civilian” in the place where the events took place. The man was identified as Hatem Nejima, a 39-year-old who lived in the Arab neighborhood of Beit Safafa. He was married and the father of five children. According to army radio, he was not known to the security forces but allegedly suffered from mental disorders.

Netanyahu: ‘Further attempt to kill citizens of Israel’

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, who spoke at the ceremony to open Memorial Day events in which Israel commemorates war dead and

Terror called the episode “a bombing”. For the premier, “it was a further attempt to kill citizens of Israel. This attack – added Netanyahu – reminds us that the State of Israel and the land of Israel were acquired through much suffering”. The brings it back Times of Israel.