Cara Delevingne Speaks Out After Rehab: ‘I’ve Been Four Months Sober’

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“All I knew, was that if I continued down the path I was on, I would either die or do something really, really stupid. And I think it was really scary.” In an interview given to American Vogue Cara Delevingne revealed that he followed a rehabilitation process, started after the snaps of the paparazzi that last September immortalized her in a daze at the Van Nuys airport in Los Angeles, and of now being four months sober. The photographs, which had alarmed friends and fans, have in fact triggered a mechanism of awareness in Delevingne dependence from substances: “You can’t run away from the things that happen in your life, and that was all I wanted to do: just pretend they didn’t exist. Because it would be easier, right? No, it’s worse because they will catch up with you. It always happens. I didn’t want to face anything”. The intense period lived last year, full of work on the docu-series Planet Sex, marked by the death of his grandmother and overflowing with social life, culminated in the summer celebrations of the 30th birthday between the island of Ibiza and the Burning Man festival, Nevada. Right there Delevingne suffered several bruises, because “there is a feeling of being invincible when I use drugs. I put myself in danger in those moments because I don’t care about my life”, and so “I would climb on everything and jump off things… it felt wild. It’s a scary thing for people around you who love you”.


Delevingne felt the need to embark on a healing journey, but she dismissed temporary solutions: “Before, I was always for the quick fix of healing, going on a retreat a week or a trauma class, say, and that helped me. for a minute, but never got to the core, the deeper issues.” Therefore, “the treatment was the best. It was something I was always really afraid of“, but “the community has made a big difference. The opposite of addiction is connection”. The actress thus faced a past made up of addictions, starting from the first excess of alcohol during a marriage when she was only seven years old, and family stories connected to substance abuse, such as that of her mother: “For a long time, I never I really put myself in his shoes. I just needed someone to get mad at, and I was mad at her, but it wasn’t her fault… the way that addiction took my mom away from me was brutal, and it was brutal for her too.” Delevingne finally acknowledged that he has “a wonderful life” which, however, “sometimes doesn’t coincide with the way you perceive yourself”. In any case, “Your life can change if you give yourself an opportunity to really be who you are and be in that uncomfortable situation, because, my God, it’s uncomfortable! But it gets better – and it’s worth it”.