Carabinieri, students visit Bagheria Barracks

Fifty primary school pupils from the “G. Bagnera ”in Bagheria (Palermo), accompanied by the teachers, visited the local Carabinieri Company. The Commander, Captain Francesco Battaglia, welcomed the children talking about the tasks of the Carabinieri, illustrating the various Departments and their respective functions; the young visitors were then entertained with various activities: presentation of the Carabinieri of the Station and of the Company’s Radiomobile Aliquota, who told about their professional experience and showed them the means provided; a demonstration of the photo-signaling and fingerprinting activities with the personnel of the Operating Rate. And, again, acquaintance with a unit of the Canine Nucleus of Villagrazia, with dog and handler, to deepen the importance of his contribution to the service of the weapon.

“The young students responded positively to the didactic experience, which aroused in them enthusiasm and interest in the daily activity carried out by the Carabinieri, which has always been in their imagination thanks to the proximity to the population and the widespread presence on the territory”, they explain from the weapon.