card no. 1 Fi to Berlusconi, delivered to Arcore before the last hospitalization

Ferrante: ”I went to Villa San Martino, he thanked me then immediately at work on the party membership campaign’

The party card number 2 in 2023 went to the ”soldier” Antonio Tajani, regent of the Forza Italia orphaned by Berlusconi, the one that once belonged to the economist and former foreign minister, Antonio Martino, one of Silvio’s loyalists, uninterrupted deputy for 24 years, from 1994 to 2018, when he decided not to reapply, died a year ago at the age of 79. Tullio Ferrante, new manager of the national blue card, explains that “he gave card no. 2 to Deputy Prime Minister Tajani with pride and a pinch of emotion, because the political community of Fi sees in him a firm, wise, expert, far-sighted guide” . A “man, before being a politician”, assures the Undersecretary for Transport of the Meloni government, “who was a loyal soldier of President Berlusconi for 30 years and who I hope, after the National Council, will guide us on a path as complex as it is compelling “.

What happened to card number 1 instead? remained with the leader and founder of Fi, who died last June 12? It was Ferrante himself who revealed to Adnkronos that he had managed to deliver it to Berlusconi just a week before his last hospitalization at San Raffaele. ”I had gone to Arcore to give him the ‘number one’, he was very happy with the thought, he thanked me and smiled”, says Ferrante, one of the parliamentarians closest to the ex premier’s partner, Marta Fascina, who remained to live in Villa San Martino after mourning. “Immediately afterwards -recalls the deputy for the force- we started working on material and flyers for the ‘two days’ of membership on 24-25 June last”. He who took care of everything in detail, always attentive to electoral marketing, and until the end was concentrated on the reorganization of the party in view of the European elections, chose “those with the most incisive, direct and effective messages”. For “the president it was important to communicate, and well, the action of Fi to the government of the country”, assures Ferrante.