Carige, Montani (to Bper): “I hope it will be concluded quickly and successfully”

“In these days, with the necessary due diligence activity, a demanding process opens which I hope will be completed quickly and with full success”. This was stated in a note by the CEO of Bper Banca, Piero Luigi Montani, commenting on the decision of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund to approve the granting to Bper Banca of an exclusive period for the potential acquisition of Carige. “I believe – underlines Montani – that we must comment with satisfaction and legitimate pride on the decision with which the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund recently approved the granting to Bper Banca of an exclusive period for the potential acquisition of the controlling stake in Carige.

“I would like to underline – notes the CEO of Bper Banca – from now on the importance and positive value of an operation studied and implemented quickly and effectively, testifying to the dynamism that drives our Bank. We have demonstrated, without the possibility of misunderstandings, the will to grow also through external lines and to carry out projects that can benefit the entire Italian banking system. strategic and industrial, the adequate supervision of capital profiles, the improvement of asset quality and a significant increase in profitability in terms of earnings per share “.

“In the coming weeks, as I said, we are called to a demanding job, aimed at defining the binding agreements, functional to the full integration of the two Banks and the definitive resolution of Carige’s problems. Much remains to be done, therefore, but this does not scare us “, underlines Montani again. “The history of Bper Banca clearly demonstrates a consolidated experience and ability in successfully completing numerous merger transactions, respecting the territories and always pursuing the goal of creating value for all stakeholders”, he concludes.