Carla Jara blew up the trend in a flared swimsuit

Carla Jara, a renowned figure on Chilean television, recently caused a sensation on social networks by sharing a dazzling photo in a swimsuit during her beach vacation. The image of her, which she posted on her Instagram account, not only stood out for Carla’s natural beauty, but also for her choice of swimsuit with a touch of originality: a swimsuit! with flight!

The snapshot of instagram captured Carla enjoying the sun and sand, with the sea in the background and a radiant smile. His swimsuit choice did not go unnoticed, as the flared design added an element of elegance and sophistication to his beach attire. Carla proved that beach fashion can be more than just traditional bikinis and swimsuits; It can be an expression of personal style.

Carla Jara. Source: Instagram @carlajaracadiz

However, Carla Jara It’s not just a pretty face on social media. Her television career began in 2001 when she was part of the dance team on Megavisión’s youth program Mekano. Over the years, she has demonstrated her versatility as an actress, starring in the miniseries “Zoom” in 2003 and playing the role of Constanza Saavedra in “Amoresurbanos” the same year. She has also participated in other Mekano series, such as “Don Floro,” “Xfea2,” “EsCool,” and “Porky te amo.”

Carla She has continued her success on Chilean television, highlighting her role as Pilar Manccini in “Fortunato” in 2005 and participating in programs such as “Pelotón” and “Fuerza Chile.” In addition, she has been an entertainer of events and programs, such as the “Golden Tie Youth Awards 2010.”

Carla Jara. Source: Instagram @carlajaracadiz

In recent years, Carla Jara has expanded her presence on television and has dedicated herself to education on responsible pet ownership, which led her to win the “Social Responsibility Mom” ​​award at the 2019 Mom’s Awards. She has also participated in pet adoption programs, like “” on Mega Plus.