Carlo Ancelotti becomes a doctor, a coach and graduates from the University of Parma

Honorary Master’s Degree for the Real Madrid coach: “A very long journey and 5 grandchildren who remind me that I am a grandfather”

Scroll and touch for doctor Carlo Ancelotti. Today the University of Parma celebrated the great footballer and coach with an honorary Master’s Degree in Sciences and techniques of preventive and adapted physical activities, in a packed Paganini Auditorium. Present among others were Arrigo Sacchi, Ariedo Braida, Vincenzo Pincolini, the Parma coach Fabio Pecchia, the Mayor Michele Guerra, the President of the Emilia-Romagna Region Stefano Bonaccini and many, many football fans, who came to pay homage to ‘King Carlo’.

Ancelotti is simply a legend, as a footballer and as a coach. He has won practically everything, he has played with some of the greatest football champions of all time or had them in his team as a coach. He is the only “Mister” in the history of football to have won the title in the five main European championships (with teams of the caliber of Milan, Chelsea, Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid), is the only one to have four UEFA Champions League titles in his list, which he won twice with two different teams (Milan and Real Madrid). As well as countless other national and international triumphs.

“When they call me doctor I like it. So, I will say to my players: yes, you can call me doctor,” he said. “Someone might say that I graduated having taken few exams, in reality I have taken many and continue to take them”, added Ancelotti who during his lectio magistralis he explained how “in a work group the leader must have the strength to delegate to empower and motivate his collaborators, because the strength of a group is always stronger than that of a single individual. I am calm, calm and very patient , this is a world where balance has an important component and my character has helped me manage both victories and defeats well.”

The Merengue coach then concluded: “It has been a very long, intense, passionate and continuous journey. The most important thing is that it is a question of passion, what has allowed me to go through these 44 years, and you can’t buy passion to the market. I’m very passionate about football, I don’t know why, my father wasn’t a former footballer, but she came playing with friends.” The Real Madrid coach then thanked his family and moved, with a broken voice he added that “I also have 5 grandchildren who remind me that I am a grandfather and remind me that I am no longer the child who arrived in Parma in 1975”.

“In a world like that of football, often very ‘shouted’ and often over the top, Ancelotti has chosen a path all his own and completely different. That of work done in silence and without raising his voice, always with his feet land, of fair play, of respect for people and their work, of correctness and humility, of study: study of the matches, of the opponents, of the schemes, of the players, to set up one’s own strategy. Thus, without raising one’s voice and by focusing on work and preparation, this boy who started from Reggiolo won practically everything and reached the top of the world. And he became a Master”, said the Rector Paolo Andrei in his speech, after the student-athlete Ayomide Folorunso he brought the rector’s mace to the stage and after the performance of the harp duo formed by Agatha Bocedi and Anastasiia Volkomorova, students of the Arrigo Boito Conservatory.

The motivation for the award was read by Prisco Mirandola, President of the Master’s Degree Course in Sciences and techniques of preventive and adapted physical activities, who spoke of an “example for the values ​​that sport wants to transmit for health, inclusion, the valorization and growth of the individual and of the communities represented in team games”, while the laudatio for the graduating student was pronounced in two voices by Marco Vitale, Rector’s Delegate for Sport and President of the University Sport Committee, and Luigi Garlando , journalist for the Gazzetta dello sport.

From Carlo Ancelotti, who gave a lectio doctoralis significantly entitled Football: a school of life, a big thank you to the University and to all the people who arrived there for him: “Football taught me many things: relationships with other people , respect for others, respect for rules, respect for authority, commitment to managing a group, knowing how to listen, keeping up with changing times”. And again: “The difference between a great player and a great champion is that the great champion manages to put his talent at the service of others. The difference is between selfishness and altruism.” On his career: “It has been a very long, beautiful, intense, exciting journey, and it continues to be so. The most important thing is passion, and you can’t buy passion on the market. I like football, I like it very much: it has never been a sacrifice or a job for me.”