Carlo and Camilla as Count Dracula and his wife for Halloween

For the occasion, the Royals included in the all-British tradition of toppers

Bats, witches and giant spiders, but also black cats, zombies and the omnipresent pumpkins with a satanic grin. Trick or treat ad Halloween always takes place in a traditional and monstrous setting. Which in the 2023 edition, however, also ended up including King Charles and Queen Camilla, transformed respectively (and also downgraded) into a ghostly Count Dracula and his wife. And which are now peeking out from Royal Mail boxesafter having taken the place of the previous toppers (coverings placed on top of the letterboxes) which represented them in more respectful and canonical royal robes, so to speak, both with crown and, then, with sword and ermine, Charles, and necklace of pearls and blue handbag, the very elegant ruler.

If talking about Halloween – a holiday with Anglo-Saxon roots, but which has taken hold all over the world, and in recent years also in Italy, due to the fact that it is loved by children, who can experience an evening (rather than night) moment between a shiver of fear and the consolation of a sweet – we all know what it is, probably most people will not know the lesser-known British tradition of toppers, which this year has merged, thanks to Carlo and Camilla, with that of the night of October 31st. These are ‘hats’ that their creators stick on top of postboxes in the United Kingdom and on which stand characters who more or less refer to current events. All, however, strictly crocheted. They are real wool figurines handmade by ‘crocheters’ (those who work with crochet), who in Warwickshire (West Midlands) demonstrate surprising creative skills, both for imagination and for the resemblance to the character they intend from time to time to represent.

The crocheters had already been seen at work last year, with their woolly representations of Queen Elizabeth and her ever-present and beloved Corgis, which had appeared on mailboxes across Great Britain immediately after the death of the sovereign, so that the Royal Mail had appealed to ensure that the artworks did not completely block letterboxes and were not a hindrance to their primary postal use. But for Halloween – visible canine teeth and black cloak, dark miniskirt and bag full of cobwebs – this year the crochet fantasy has gone beyond itself, with a sweet trick on Carlo and Camilla, aka Count Dracula and his scary wife.