Carlo Calenda on Sky 20 years, the resources of the Maneuver “are put into healthcare”

The Action leader spoke during the third and final day of the event organized by Sky Italia to celebrate its 20 years. Healthcare, social networks and migrants at the centre

“We are in one of my favorite places in Rome”, begins the leader of Action Carlo Calenda, guest of the event on the occasion of the 20 years of Sky Italia. The meeting begins with one of the hot topics for the political leader: “Healthcare in Italy is a question of money – says Calenda – just look at the numbers of other countries. We are in 25th place out of 27 in terms of healthcare spending in Europe and It’s a tragedy. We are among the longest-lived countries and at the same time one of those with the most chronic diseases. We have an elderly population, around 2 million people who don’t get treatment and 4 million who go into debt to get treatment.” And he adds: “Let’s put what we have in the maneuver there, I hope the government listens to us. We have a plan, we shared it with the Democratic Party which however then disappeared, we shared it with the government. We will not vote for a budget deviation unless there is enough money for healthcare. There are entire regions of southern Italy where today getting a CT scan or a mammogram is impossible. Healthcare is a problem that needed to be solved yesterday.” (SKY 20 YEARS, THE THIRD DAY – THE GUESTS – THE PROGRAMME)

Differentiated autonomy, wages and social

Calenda then touched on various topics, from alliances with other parties to the regulation of social media. “I have never been in the broad field – he underlined -. I left the Democratic Party when they broke their word not to form government with the 5 Stars who based their political offer on negative values ​​that Italy must not accept: not you can live on subsidies.” But has the Movement changed today? “The M5S always changes because it is indifferent – replied the number one of Action -, it does what is most convenient for it. However, this way of doing politics ends up driving people away”. And differentiated autonomy? “It will never be done.” Then again on wages: “It is right that there is a threshold below which work is exploitation, it is not acceptable.” A look also at the problem of social media: “Social media were born without regulation, like everything else. But so they end up being used as Musk does: by those who privately hold an asset which however is of public value. What we say is that before At 14 years of age, young people must not be on social media and must focus on reading.”

Migrant issue

“Regular migrants in Italy have been the same number for ten years: 450 thousand. And where do those who arrive go? They go to the rest of Europe, so the redistribution in Europe already exists. If these 450 thousand who are in Italy find a job they must be able to comply with the rules”, said Calenda on the topic.