Carlo Calenda to “L’Ospite” on Sky TG24: “Good governance on new measures”

The leader of Action was the protagonist of the political meeting on Saturday with Massimo Leoni. Political current events, including pandemic management, the NRP, the European Union and immigration, are among the issues at the center of the question and answer session.

“It is excellent news that the government has unanimously voted on the new anti-Covid measures. It gives a strong signal to the country”. So declared Carlo Calenda, protagonist of “L’Ospite”, a political meeting on Saturday afternoon on Sky TG24 conducted by Massimo Leoni, referring to the new rules introducing the Super green pass. At the center of the question and answer with the leader of Action are the main political issues, including the Covid-19 pandemic, the PNRR, the race to the Quirinale, immigration and the structure of the Union.

“Draghi must stay at Palazzo Chigi”

“It is essential that Draghi’s government reaches the end of the legislature. Not only for the management of the pandemic, but also for the PNRR,” said Calenda, who launches a proposal to the parties. “There are deadlines that must be met: all political leaders who are part of this majority should ask Draghi to stay”. The motivation, according to the leader of Action, is that “if the country loses Draghi, we will return to previous politics at a very delicate moment, with very little chance of getting a government capable of dealing with this situation out of the polls.”

“Political forces want a ‘parent’ to give responsibility to”

“Politics means ‘the art of government’. There must also be a cultural vision, but afterwards we must be able to achieve something”, continues Calenda, speaking of the majority forces. “We have been hearing about left and right for 30 years and in the end we do not do things left or right. This is why I went into politics and I want to do politics,” he says. “I think there is a problem with the ruling class that the parties must first ask themselves. Elections are always a moment of clarity, but then the citizens are not happy with the governments, the majorities change and the electorate is increasingly discontented”. Covid is now also a political agent. “What the political forces want now is a parent to whom they can bear responsibility: for this reason Matteo Salvini can afford to complain about the measures that the League itself has voted for,” says Calenda. then turning to Matteo Renzi, Calenda commented: “Renzi’s is not a project for the renewal of Italian politics and does not look to the center”.

“The EU will change. Immigration is a sensitive issue”

“I believe that the European Union will not go ahead with this arrangement. The forces of Eastern Europe will have to be put out sooner or later, for a series of issues. The axis between the founding countries must be strengthened and enlarged”. weeks, Europe has been crossed by various tensions, from East to West. The immigration issue has put Poland and Germany in crisis and is creating problems between France and Great Britain. “Immigration is a very delicate issue: for the countries it is convenient to say that it is Europe’s fault but it is the Member States in the first place that do not want to give up the powers to resolve the situation to the central force ”.

Massimo Leoni’s Guest

The key to “L’Ospite” is the frankness in the relationship between guest and interviewer but also with the public. Before the face to face Massimo Leoni, listened to by the guest, anticipates to the spectators reflections and opinions on the personality interviewed and the main questions on which he will ask for answers. In addition, in each episode the guest chooses, explaining the decision, a piece of music that accompanies the interview. The interviews of “L’Ospite” are also available among the podcasts of Sky TG24, on the website