Carlo Conti, do you know what he revealed about his past? The background before the wedding

A background of his life before the wedding, do you know what the TV host Carlo Conti revealed? Let’s find out together

Beloved TV presenter who conquered us with his skill in front of the camera but above all his extreme sympathy. We followed Charles Conti in the very recent new edition of Such and Which Show broadcast on Rai 1 which this Friday 18 November will be broadcast with the final. Who will be the winner of this edition? Many of us ask ourselves this!

Carlo Conti, the background (Credits: Youtube)

But while we wait for the new evening in the company of the conductor, the beloved judges and the talented artists who test their singing skills on the screen in unpublished musical interpretations, here it is the conductor who surprises us with a story of his past that dates back to the preceding the wedding with his better half. Guest on Sunday Some time ago, the conductor had spoken of his relationship with his wife Francesca Vaccaro describing it as something that has radically changed him. Well, the life of Carlo Conti from 2010 to today, we know it more or less. But there are few who perhaps know this background that Charles Conti revealed to the microphones of Corriere della Sera in a very last interview.

Carlo Conti: the background before the wedding, what the conductor said

We have seen him in a shot from the past taken back in 1986, but if we move a little further on the time line, we come to a period of the conductor’s life which is certainly highly subsequent to the infantile and adolescent period and prior to the change of radical life that came with his marriage to Francesca Vaccaro. Curious to know what Carlo Conti told the microphones of Corriere della Sera?

It was even before the television success when Carlo Conti worked in a private radio located in Florence. The well-known conductor said during the interview that he had big shoulders during that period that he believes he was of great teaching. In those days, ‘private’ radios were really private and for this reason, the conductor without even a director had to do it himself. But if the well-known proverb is right, who does it by himself does it for three! And so, Carlo Conti learned a lot from that experience on the radio as a DJ. But there is one thing that not everyone knows. Carlo Conti has a real love for women. However, back then before he even met the love of his life, the conductor let it be known: “For a long time, until before the wedding. I suffered from Don Juan. Mine is a great form of love for women. I believe it comes from the very strong figure of my mother for whom I have great esteem and admiration for her sacrifices and her difficulties.”