Carlo Conti talks about his relationship with Gerry Scotti: a background that few people know

Carlo Conti talks about his relationship with Gerry Scotti: a background that few people know about the two beloved conductors.

When we think of them, we almost think of someone from the family. For many years now, Carlo Conti and Gerry Scotti they make companions to the Italians, at the helm of some of the most followed and appreciated programs on our small screen.

Scotti and Conti (Credits Mediaset Play / Raiplay)

Since last Friday Conti is back at the helm of Tale and Quali Show, while his uncle Gerry is every day on TV with Caduta Libera and, on Saturday evening, everyone has fun at Tu si que vales. Two conductors often in ‘competition’ at work, but who have never considered each other as rivals. Interviewed in recent days by Superguida TV, Carlo revealed unpublished details on his relationship with Gerry. Following the words of him.

Carlo Conti, the words about Gerry Scotti did not go unnoticed

“We we are very friends, there has always been mutual respect. We have been opposite and competing for many years, yet we have never felt this challenge, there has always been great esteem and respect for each other “. With these words, Carlo Conti spoke of his bond with Gerry Scotti, in the recent interview with Superguida Tv.

The Florentine presenter stressed that he has several points in common with Gerry, from his beginnings on the radio, to his origins in the province, to the way they live life, “lightly”. He lightness that, in a moment of their lives, was missing, due to Covid, which affected both of them in 2020: “We both had Covid in the same period, in fact we are called ‘Covid brothers’. The relationship with Gerry is wonderful ”.

Wonderful how the selfie which, this summer, drove everyone on Instagram crazy. Carlo acted as Cicero for Gerry during his stay in Florence and the two immortalized themselves in an enchanting shot with the Ponte Vecchio in the background. Sunglasses and smiles, seeing the two conductors nearby was a nice surprise for the fans, who have been following them with enormous affection for years. Will we ever see them together on TV too?

Carlo Conti answered this question during the interview: “Let’s hope who knowsone day either I go there or he comes this way, or we do a unified network thing. Everything is possible in life”.

carlo conti gerry scotti
The selfie in Florence (Credits Instagram)

In short, Carlo does not rule him out and seeing him together with Gerry on television would be a wonderful surprise for viewers. In the meantime, we can’t help but enjoy the two hosts in their new television adventures. Have you seen the first episode of Tale and Which Show 2022? To triumph was Antonino Spadaccino in the role of Marco Masini and this year the level is really very high.