Carlo Conti, the news he was anxiously awaiting: what happened

Carlo Conti, the news has arrived that he was anxiously waiting for: this is what happened

Carlo Conti opened the new edition of Tale e what show. In recent months the conductor has been busy with the choice of the protagonists. In the format the characters of the entertainment world imitate famous artists. They not only have to sing their own song on stage but they also have to take on its appearance.

Carlo Conti, news (credits: youtube)

Identifying well with a famous singer isn’t always easy. It is very difficult to assume the features that are often not perfectly the same. Conti unveiled the names of the contestants before the show’s debut on television. The first evening aired on September 30 and the second followed on October 7.

The show is very popular with viewers and every year it reaches very high numbers. The performances of the protagonists capture the attention of the public. In the previous episode there was a little unexpected. Paolantoni stumbled as he was turning and coming back. The fall could not go unnoticed as it worried everyone for the first few seconds, as it was very heavy. When the comedian got up and showed he was fine everyone calmed down. In these hours, just for the conductor of Tale and what a show, a very awaited news has arrived: let’s see what it is.

Carlo Conti, the news has arrived that he was anxiously awaiting: this is what has just emerged

The new edition of Tale is what show conducted by Carlo Conti began on September 30th. The format broadcast on Rai 1, since it first debuted, has always had crazy ratings. The audience likes it very much. Like in the other years, it happens that when it goes on the air it collides with some film or TV series.

This time the challenge is with the new Viola con il mare series, whose protagonists are Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi. This too began on the same day as the program conducted by Conti. The first episode just passed the airing of the show, but what happened instead for the second night? Carlo Conti received a long-awaited news. In fact, according to what was reported, Tale e which show, this time, exceeded the Viola come il mare series in terms of ratings.

carlo conti news
News just arrived (credits: youtube)

The format won the challenge by keeping over 3 million viewers glued to the TV with a share of 22.58%; the series starring Yaman and Chillemi obtained, with the second episode, 17.54% share with over 2 million spectators. If with the first episode Carlo Conti had been surpassed in terms of ratings by Viola come il mare, with the second he triumphed over the series.