Carlo Cracco explains why it is necessary to give that (very high) price to pizza

Carlo Cracco explained why it is necessary to give a high price to pizza. And regarding the origins of this dish, the Venetian chef has expressed his idea.

Charles Cracco he is a Venetian chef who became famous thanks to his participation in some Italian television programs. He made his debut as a judge with Masterchef Italy in 2012, remaining in the program until 2017. He immediately made himself known due to his rigid methods and his particularly negative judgments towards some competitors. Between 2014 and 2018 he participated in the Italian version of Hell’s Kitchen (Hells Kitchen).

Carlo Cracco in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan (credits: Instagram) sologossip

During his long and distinguished career, Charles Cracco he got a full five Michelin stars: three for thePinchiorri Wineryone for The Clivias and the latest in 2017 for Craccothe place located in the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery Of Milan. But even such a successful chef can cause controversy. It is the case of Pizza, which he sells at very high prices, also discussing its Neapolitan origins. Here because Charles Cracco charges such high prices on pizza and where it comes from, at least according to him.

Carlo Cracco, that’s why he sells pizza at very high prices

A few months ago we witnessed the controversy over the price applied to pizza in the chef’s restaurants Charles Cracco. Some customers were surprised when they read the amount in the bill. The Venetian chef explained to Fanpages the reason for his choice, also talking about his origins: “It’s called pizza in Naples, which gave birth to it. Pizza goes on, it doesn’t belong to anyone, it belongs to those who take care of it and make it grow, renewing it”.

Cracco restaurant
Cracco, the Milanese restaurant of the Venetian chef (credits: Instagram) sologossip

Second Cracco, pizza has no nationality because everyone can create it to their liking. And this is exactly what he does in his restaurants, offering his customers a unique and new taste, always starting from the original recipe: “We have a duty to learn how to make a pizza, then I make it as I say”. The cook, born in I createin the province of Vicenzaon 8 October 1965, also explained why he applies very high prices to his pizzas.

Cracco serves the Pizza in his café, not in the restaurant, because it is a popular dish. The former judge of masterchef said he wanted to charge a lot for his product to highlight the quality of the products: “In Europe, a coffee, a brioche and a meal cost at least three times our prices. You have to make it pay, otherwise the kids drop out”. Will the controversy finally be extinguished after these statements?