Carlo Cracco lost weight? Here is his explanation on live TV

Have you also noticed that Carlo Cracco has lost a few kilos? Many are wondering why and it was he who explained it. He did it during a live broadcast on television

Charles Cracco he is one of the most famous Italian chefs, not only in our country. He achieved great notoriety when he participated as a judge at masterchef. His judgments were greatly feared by aspiring cooks, who always looked at him with a certain fear. Furthermore, some of his reactions have remained in the history of this TV show and are still today viral on social networks and highly clicked on YouTube.

Chef Carlo Cracco appears very thin, that’s why – Credit: Instagram (sologossip)

The chef Cracco participated in the most watched culinary television show inItaly in the first six editions, between 2011 and 2017, to then be replaced by Antonia Klugmann before and George Locatelli subsequently. During a recent television show, many viewers noticed a particular and they immediately reported it on all social networks, unleashing a real hunt for retail.

Charles Cracco he has evidently lost weight: why? What is the reason that led the chef born in I createin the province of Vicenza, on October 8, 1965 to lose these kilos? Diet, stress or health problems? Faced with the curiosity of one of the television hosts, it was he who gave a live answer.

Carlo Cracco lost weight, here’s what the real reason is

Charles Cracco he was recently a guest on the telecast What’s the weather likebroadcast on the networks Rai and presented by Fabio Fazio. During the chat, the Ligurian journalist asked him why his physical appearance was different than in the past, specifying that this detail had also been noticed by Luciana Littizzetto. The chef from Veneto has lost weight and it shows. Many have had the curiosity to ask him why.

Carlo Cracco appears to have lost weight
Carlo Cracco visibly lost weight in Che tempo che fa – Credit: screen Youtube (sologossip)

The former judge of masterchef she lost a few pounds and her face immediately looked a little more sunken than in the past. It was he who satisfied the curiosity of Fabio Fazio and the public, specifying that it is probably all the fault of his work. When the reporter asked him the question, he replied calmly: “I told her earlierLuciana Littizzetto ed – maybe I work too much”.

The Piedmontese comedian seized the opportunity to make fun of her friend and colleague Fazio, underlining that he too has lost a few kilos in this period, but will hardly ever be able to reach the level of sensuality of the chef from Vicenza. No health problems, therefore, as someone had hypothesized. Just a little stress linked to work, obviously cooking takes away a lot of energy, both physical and mental.