“Carlo, my son was born”: the singer’s tender announcement

On his official social channel, the singer indulged in a very tender announcement: “Carlo, my son is born”, who are we talking about.

A tender announcement, the one to which the singer has let himself go in the last few hours on his official social channel. He became the father of his first child!

The tender announcement of the singer: his son was born. Photo Source: Instagram

“Carlo, my son was born”, these are the exact words that the singer used to share his joy of becoming a father with his audience. Beloved and very popular, the famous interpreter usually shares everything with his supporters. And it is for this reason that such news could not help but share it with them. It is useless to tell you the reaction of its supporters. As soon as they heard the wonderful news, they all flocked to the post in question to congratulate and extend their best wishes. At this point, the question arises: who exactly are we talking about? Let’s find out together.

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He became a dad for the third time: the singer’s tender announcement

A very special Christmas, the one that the famous singer will experience in a few days. Just several hours ago, through a post shared on his social channel, the beloved interpreter let himself go to a very tender announcement. He became a trio dad! Years after the birth of his first two children, the singer and his partner have welcomed a new life into their daily lives. Who are we talking about?

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Big party for Biagio Antonacci! The singer became a dad again. And, as soon as the fantastic news broke, he was immediately greeted by a truly immense affection.

Who is his partner?

Already father of Paolo and Giovanni, had from the previous relationship with Marianna, daughter of Gianni Morandi, Biagio Antonacci has become a father again. But who is the partner? Unfortunately, we have very little news about the woman who stole the heart of the beloved singer. From what we learn from the web, it would seem that her name is Paola Cardinale. And that she too, as well as her partner, has a parenthesis in the world of entertainment.

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Photo Source: Instagram

As well as their admirers, we too send our sincere wishes for the birth of little Carlo!