Carlo Verdone guest on Stories, tonight at 9pm on Sky Tg24. VIDEO

AND Carlo Verdone the protagonist of the new episode of “Stories”the series of interviews with the main performers of the show Sky TG24. Guest of the newspaper’s deputy editor Omar Schillacidirected by Francesco Venuto, the director and actor talks about himself in “Carlo Verdone – Being Carlo Verdone”on air Tuesday 26 September at 21 on Sky TG24, Saturday 30 September at 1.30pm on Sky Art it is always available On Demand.


On TV with “Lives of Carlo Second Season”, produced by Luigi and Aurelio De Laurentiis’ Filmauro, available on Paramount+ and visible on the Sky platform, Carlo Verdone, in the role of himself, he finds himself in the triple role of director, actor and protagonist. This time grappling with the desire to make an art film. Compared to the first season this is “More autobiographical – has explained -. The challenge I find myself in is Carlo Verdone who decides to finally make an auteur film, not a comedy, but a film full of intimacy, a poetic, romantic film…”. The cast includes, among others, Stefania Rocca, Saint Johnmaking his debut as an actor, Monica Guerritore, Max Tortora, Claudia Gerini, Gabriele Muccino, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Maria De Filippi And Christian De Sica.


Verdone tells his story on “Stories” in a mix of memories and anecdotes of everyday life, real movie scenes. Like when he found a fan sleeping on the landing of his house: “Not long ago I opened the door to go get coffee at the bar and buy the newspaper and there was someone sleeping on the doormat with the cover on it. I start to leave, he got up, took out his cell phone and says to me: “Let’s take a selfie. I come from Calabria”..“Carlo, I’m a big fan of yours… say a word to my mother who was hospitalized because she broke her femur”. It’s all like this, a continuum. Notoriety is nice but you have to arm yourself with great patience”. We also talk about the origins of the student Verdone: “I was really a mess until my first classical high school. Then from the second year of high school onwards, perhaps after a letter from my father which was poignant, nineteenth-century, from a father extremely disappointed in his own son who did not study, was distracted, did not concentrate and was a faded copy of what he was at my age. This letter struck me very much, I thought “but I don’t want to make dad look bad”. I don’t know… From the second year of high school onwards I became good, I got my head straight”. Then the brilliant career that everyone knows both as an actor and as a director: “White, Red and Green”, “Traveling with Dad”, “Borotalco”, “Too Strong”, “Schoolmates”, “Cursed is the day that t ‘ I met” and many others. Yet if there is one thing that he would change about his life it is that: “I like to imagine that I still live in the old house where I was born and that everything has remained intact”. Among the things he would still like to do, there is precisely that “arthouse film” on which “Vita da Carlo Second Season” is centered: “What I miss is the side that appeared a little in Sorrentino’s film which is the normal side of a little man with problems, things, who doesn’t necessarily have to look for the joke. Not a brilliant comedy but perhaps a film, I don’t want to say dramatic, but more intimate in some way… I would also like to show my sometimes dramatic parts, which in my opinion would be a great discovery for the public. At this moment I would feel very ready”.