Carlos Caszely touches your heart when he talks about love and football as he did in “I’ll go pick you up”

The popular television program “I’ll go looking for you” began its second season on Saturday, and had former national soccer player Carlos Humberto Caszely as its first guest, who was interviewed by host Francisco Saavedra.

During the program, Caszely reflected on the loss of his wife, telling the love story that united them and remembering his beginnings in soccer. The former athlete, in addition to having been an idol for Colo-Colo and the National Team, is known for his great social conscience and his multifaceted talent, which has led him to try himself in various disciplines.

Saavedra met Caszely at a physical therapy center due to an injury caused by the wear and tear of the years, and they both rode a red Falcon through the streets of Santiago while they talked about the athlete’s life.

In the car, Caszely was moved to remember his wife who passed away a little over a year ago, and shared a message that she left him: “laugh, dream and live life with joy.” This message is present in his life, and he reads it constantly at the entrance to his apartment.

Carlos started playing soccer at the age of 9 in his neighborhood, studied at night to finish his school studies, and eventually studied Physical Education at the university at his father’s request. He also recalled his failed penalty against Austria in the World Cup in Spain, but at the joke of someone who yelled at him “take a penalty” during the walk, Caszely reacted with humor and commented that “that’s very Chilean.”

Caszely recounted that he met his wife at the university, when they were both studying the same degree. Her first outing was to drop her off at her house and asked her for a pololeo, to which she replied, “I’ll think about it.” The next meeting in the house of studies, they begin the relationship that they seal with a kiss, where all the classmates applauded.

The program also included details of Caszely’s rise to football fame, and reflections on the evolution of the sport over the years. In short, an exciting tour full of interesting anecdotes and stories that reflect the life and career of one of the most outstanding athletes in Chile.