Carlos Vives: meet the unexpected Chilean artist who will open the concert this June 1

This June 1, the singer Carlos Vives returns to Chile with his tour “El Tour de los 30” to celebrate his 30 years of experience. The renowned vallenato artist, winner of multiple awards, including 17 Latin Grammys and two Grammys, will perform at the Movistar Arena and will feature an unexpected Chilean artist who will open the concert.

The person in charge of starting this great musical party will be Karla Grunewaldt, who was confirmed through the Instagram account of the production company Bizarro. At 22 years old, Karla is a talented Chilean singer-songwriter and musician who has aroused public interest with her unique style.

Karla Grunewaldt | Source: Instagram @bizarrolivecl

From an early age, Karla Grunewaldt showed his passion for singing, instruments and dance. At the age of 14, she began to compose her own songs and accompanied herself on the piano and ukulele. Her music fuses elements of chamber pop, indie rock and Chilean folklore, creating a fresh and authentic proposal.

Carlos Lives | Source: Instagram @bizarrolivecl

One of his early singles, “Unleash”, portrays the inner transformation that is experienced after a dark period. Karla Grunewaldt He has gained recognition with songs like “Libre y tan linda”, “Quiero paz”, “Luz”, “Ahora es tiempo”, “Una último vez” and “Duchita”, which can be found on his YouTube channel.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Karla Grunewaldt has performed at the Movistar Arena this year. She already had the opportunity to open Reik’s concert last Friday, April 28, where she captivated the audience with her talent and energy on stage, and now she will do the same with Carlos Vives.