Carlotta and the record-breaking degree, controversy and social confrontation Lucarelli-Burioni

The model and influencer graduated in Medicine at the age of 23 at the San Raffaele University in Milan one year early

Clash between the journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli and the virologist and university professor Roberto Burioni on the case of Carlotta Rossignoli, the ‘record’ student, model and influencer, who graduated in Medicine at the age of 23 at the San Raffaele University in Milan with a year in advance. Which made the journalist turn up her nose for asking for such a quick university process. The controversy was triggered by an editorial, signed a few days ago by Lucarelli in ‘Domani’, in which it raised numerous doubts about the girl’s education. Concerns raised by some students who sent a request for explanations to the Milanese University which replied with a note which, however, did not appease the spirits.

So much so that the question then turned into a real social question and answer between Lucarelli and Burioni who defended the University where she teaches. “Carlotta Rossignoli – wrote, in fact, on social Burioni – a Veronese girl, graduated in Medicine at my University at 23, with full marks and honors. In any nation in the world this would have been good news that would have brought applause to the student and at her university, and that instead in this poor country of ours generates a storm of controversy. good shot at San Raffaele thanks to some recommendations: she finished the Liceo Classico in just 4 years, with an average of 10. Precisely for this reason President Mattarella awarded her in 2017 by appointing her as Alfiere del Lavoro “.

The reporter’s reply was not long in coming and, turning to Burioni, wrote: “Instead of making this embarrassing endorsement, explain how you can attend the 5 and 6 year lessons together, request the thesis in fourth, having done the first month of qualifying internship in the first semester of the fifth and the other two in the second semester. And obviously the curricular internship of the fifth and sixth year. Ah, I asked for the girl’s internship book but obviously the university replies that only she can provide it. “.

Burioni, at this point, took up ‘pen and paper’ and thundered: “The courts will do the trials. If anyone is aware of irregularities, report them, which has never happened during these years. at San Raffaele we have the habit of having journalists evaluate theses and internships. It’s okay with democracy but let’s not exaggerate “. Words followed by those of the journalist: “If we want to discuss there are other points: one is that to be a doctor you need maturity and to acquire it you need lived life and there are no shortcuts”.