Carmen Consoli, the possible lineup of the concert with Elvis Costello

This evening, Monday 28 August, Carmen Consuls and Elvis Costello will perform in the Sala Santa Cecilia of the Auditorium Parco Della Musica in Rome for the first of three appointments scheduled for this week. The Sicilian artist and the British singer-songwriter will join the stage for an unmissable concert.

carmen consoli, the possible lineup

In April, Carmen Consoli had announced the three events in the company of Elvis Costello with a message on Instagram: “Honestly: who expected that?! When in New York, now 17 years ago, they told me that there was Elvis Costello who wanted to say hello, Elvis Costello who had been sitting there in the audience listening to me, I was incredulous. Costello, who forged world music from the 1970s onwards…”.

The singer-songwriter had added: “Now I have three concerts with him, together on stage, sharing the same notes, inventing harmonies, rewriting songs: who expected that?! Music continues to be my ‘little magic’. Thanks Elvis!”

Given the uncertain weather forecasts, the concert will not be held in the Cavea but will take place inside the Sala Santa Cecilia of the Auditorium of the Parco della Musica.

Since this is the first of the three concerts, there is no information regarding the lineup, but it could be a combination of those of the concerts of the two artists. According to what was reported by Setlist, these are the songs proposed by the singer-songwriter at the concert on August 7 at the Ancient Theater of Tindari:

Throw words

Bonsai #2

Orange flowers

A Sunday by the sea

Something about me you don’t expect

Magician Mago

The last Kiss

The slope of abandonment

The usual things

April rain

Send us a postcard

My uncle

Buttana de to mà

Rosa sings and cunta

Night blue


Maria Catena

‘At the window

Plastic love

Summer wind

Weirdness of love

In black and white


Also as written by Setlist, this is the lineup of the Elvis Costello concert at the Metropolitan Opera House on July 14th:

Pills and Soaps


Newspaper Bread

Like Licorice on Your Tongue


All or Nothing at All

Almost Blue

Like the Meantimes

Watching the Detectives

Shut Him Down

I Do (Zula’s Song)

The Comedians

Deep Dark Truthful Mirror

Accidents Will Happen

Someone Took the Words Away


Blood & Hot Sauce

Poisoned roses

Mr and Mrs Hush

High Fidelity

Cinco Minutos Con Vos

We Are All Cowards Now

(I don’t want to go to) Chelsea

Pump It Up


(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding