Carmen Di Pietro, the experience on the Island of the Famous has marked her: what she does every time

The experience at L’Isola dei Famosi marked the former shipwrecked Carmen di Pietro: what she does every time she leaves, no one would have ever imagined

A prominent personality who emerged with all his strength in his second experience in the reality show hosted by Ilary Blasi. At L’Isola dei Famosi we had the opportunity, in the previous months, to be able to see a Carmen Di Pietro certainly different from the first time she set foot on the island. Both because she knew how to deal with her the second time and because on this occasion, she was her son Alessandro Iannoni beside her.

Carmen Di Pietro, Island of the Famous (Credits: Youtube)

In front of the reality TV cameras, the personality of a strong woman and a protective mother towards her first child emerged in a preponderant way. There were many curious ‘curtains’ that involved mother and son. All because mother Carmen is keen to ensure that the formation of her child is put in the first place and therefore the showgirl does not allow ‘distractions’ of any kind on the path of her child. But if on the one hand the experience at L’Isola showed us a strong and decisive Carmen Di Pietro, on the other it marked in a certain way the former shipwrecked who returned to the mainland admitted that she needed to do something every time she goes out.

Carmen Di Pietro after L’Isola dei Famosi: ‘forced’ to do it every time

The experience at L’Isola dei Famosi marks you. It is a bit like what all the castaways tell after returning to life as usual. Wild and untamed, it is an adventure that plunges you into a new path, even an inner one. All ‘Island of the Famous we have seen competitors ‘starve’ and try to procure the spoils after a tough test. Carmen Di Pietro from this point of view she seems to have been very courageous. But the return home for the former castaway was a bit ‘traumatic’. As she herself admitted during the interview with Tele Seventhe former castaway said she was negatively ‘marked’ by the experience on the island.

carmen island
Carmen Di Pietro after the Island (Credits: Instagram)

Carmen Di Pietro admitted to being ‘forced’, after the experience on the Island of the Famous, to have to do something every time she goes out and is away from home. Well, the former shipwrecked, before leaving home makes sure of have in the bag a package of crackers or some fruit, so to make sure you have something that reassures her as soon as she feels hungry. “I don’t eat them but it gives me confidence to know I have food with me“.