Carmen Villalobos was inspired by Karol G and took all eyes with a new look

Carmen Villalobos is one of the most beloved South American actresses. Her trajectory has crossed the screens and her name has been burned into the hearts of all her fans. Currently, she has more than 21.8 million followers on the social networks where he also stands out as an influencer.

Carmen Villalobos posing. Source: Instagram @cvillaloboss

While waiting for the arrival of April 25, the date on which she will host the second season of the “Top Chef VIP” program, Carmen Villalobos It continues to flaunt its beauty on digital platforms. Trips, photo sessions and work routines are part of the content that he shares with his fandom.

Carmen Villalobos and Frederick Oldenburg. Source: Instagram @cvillaloboss

His life is going through an excellent present and his heart is not exempt. TV presenter and athlete Frederik Oldenburg He is her current boyfriend, a relationship that was known at the beginning of the year. Since then, they have become one of the most famous and admired couples by Internet users.

Carmen Villalobos’s post on Instagram

The Colombian celebrity has a great sense of fashion and on the subject she is a source of inspiration for many women of different generations. the aesthetics of Carmen Villalobos It also stands out for the personal care tips it offers and, above all, for its exercise routine that allows it to always look beautiful.

Recently, Carmen Villalobos shared on her Twitter account instagram a short video in which she uses a filter inspired by Karol G. Her hair looks pink and she loves it: “Oh, I want to paint it pink when I finish the project,” she said. Her “new look” took all eyes and may be taken into account by the actress, because she suits her very well.