Carnival, 10 songs to live it in joy chosen by Viola Nocenzi

1) Caetano Veloso – “Manhã de carnaval”

A magical version of a timeless song, truly recommended to everyone at least once or on a morning in recent weeks.

2) I Calanti – “Pizzica di San Vito”

From our folkloric and popular tradition. Engaging, rhythmic, cathartic and liberating music of a Salento song that has seen its remake at the hands of many artists. Dance masked or not!

3) Daniela Pes – “A Te Sola”

The mystery, the earth, the resurrection and the transversal force revealed. Great performance by an extraordinary artist. Song with a chthonic setting, suggestive and powerful: like her.

4) Call me Faro – “Santa Subito” (feat.Asteria)

She, the groove and the bittersweet irony were rewarded. “For every flower there is a sadness” a phrase that leaves its mark, suspended over this open and festive setting. The exact dichotomy of the carnival mood and much more.

5) Tiziano Ferro – “And Raffaella is mine”

Painful irony, anger and truth that always finds its legitimate path sooner or later. Great Titian. Intelligent and iconic metaphor. A hug from fish to fish.

6) Carmen Consoli – “The Last Kiss”

Song born from the sky moves in slow motion marking time within ancient emotions. Behind the masks wind, violins, lemon drops, rain that hides tears. You have to be heroic to get to laugh, even more so to walk away.

7) Mercedes Sosa – “Everything changes”

Immense activist woman artist: living revolutionary manifesto. She reminds us that everything changes, everything transforms and strength is subject to rebirth, resistance, intimate being. A perfect song where the beginning and the end merge, marching towards all the springs.

8) Davide Van De Sfroos – “El Carnevaal De Schignan”

I bow and curtsy. Let the courtship dances begin. Here is all the pressing force of this great folk rock singer-songwriter. For the curious, the song was included in the soundtrack of the film “Welcome to the North”.

9) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “The Carnival is over”

Anyone like me who has a visceral love for Nick Cave, raise your hand. Listening to this song you feel like you’re inside a film. The streets are empty, the confetti remains, it seems that everything is about to end and there are only the memories of laughter, music and sounds that have just passed. The wave retreats and is still full of all its frequencies.

10) Heather Parisi – “The cicadas”

But nothing is really destined to end forever so… here we go again! What makes the Sacred so is very often precisely the opposite of it. Wishing everyone to “dance” in this carnival, even for a few moments, like this splendid blonde girl!