Carnival, the pediatrician’s advice for children’s make-up

El Hachem (Baby Jesus): “Even little ones who have skin problems can wear make-up but with some precautions”

Carnival party of costumes and free access to make-up for children too. But for safe make-up, like a superhero or your most loved character, it is better to “choose tested products, preferably purchased in a pharmacy together with a moisturizing cream for children to use as a base“. This is the advice of pediatrician Maya El Hachem, head of Dermatology at the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital in Rome.

“For make-up – the expert explains to Adnkronos Salute – one must still distinguish between healthy skin and that of a child who has problems, although in both cases it is necessary to use some caution, because even healthy skin can be easily irritated in little ones. And, in any case, it is best to limit the duration of the make-up to a few hours”. First of all, suggests the expert, “you must wash the face to be made up well, dry it, dabbing without rubbing, and always apply a specific moisturizing cream for children, purchased at the pharmacy”. However, if “the boy or girl complains of itching, the make-up should be removed immediately to prevent the reaction from worsening. And in any case as soon as the celebrations, the photographs and the fun are over, the face should be delicately removed“.

And if the skin is a little red and irritated, you can use an emollient cream with an anti-inflammatory effect, there are many suitable products in the pharmacy. If, however, the skin is healthy, normal, you can put on the same moisturizing cream used as a base to restore the skin barrier a bit.” In the event that the child’s skin is already irritated by dermatitis, “we should not forbid him or her from wearing makeup, adding suffering to his or her problem, because the negative psychological impact would be greater. In this case, if the child is already monitored for your dermatitis, just apply the prescribed healing cream, to be used as a base for make-up which should be limited, trying to play with your imagination as much as possible to camouflage without using too many products on the skin. Perhaps intervening more on clothes, hats, on accessories”.