Carolina and Lucas are a wedding couple at first sight 9: who they are and what they do in life

Marriage at first sight 9, who are Carolina and Lucas: let’s find out what they do in life and where they come from.

Three new couples are part of the ninth edition of Marriage at first sight. The last one captured the attention of the public. There have been several twists and turns and one in particular left all viewers surprised. In fact, all the couples decided to stay together to continue to understand if something could be born.

Carolina and Lucas (credits: youtube)

Unfortunately in the episode of ‘marriage at first sight and then’, we discovered the breakup. By following them on social media, however, we can know that they have remained in very good relations and that they often meet. The program stipulates that the chosen people do not know each other. The first meeting takes place just before the yes, where it is right there that there is the very first glance and the first words exchanged. After the ceremony and the honeymoon the cohabitation starts immediately. In fact, it is this that brings to light the personalities of the participants and any interest in the other. We will now follow three new paths. The ninth edition has already aired on Discovery Plus but now starts on Real Time.

Those who have not followed it can finally see it and meet the new protagonists. They were chosen by the three experts, in this case by Nada Loffredi, Mario Abis and Andrea Favaretto. They formed the couples and followed their relationship to intervene when needed. Let’s find out who Lucas and Carolina are.

Marriage at first sight 9, who are Carolina and Lucas: what they do in life and where they come from

The three wedding couples at first sight, of the new edition, are Alex and Michela, Solange and Michele and Carolina with Lucas. Alex is from Rome and works as a courier while his wife is a midwife and is taking a second degree to become an instrumentalist in the operating room. She is also from Rome. Solange is from Nova Milanese and is a nurse. Her husband is a personal trainer, he is 29 years old and is from Turin.

carolina and lucas
Carolina and lucas (credits: youtube)

Let’s talk about Lucas and Carolina. The bride is 30 years old and comes from Verona. In her life she is a bartender but before she had embarked on the university path, then left for personal reasons. She loves her family and her siblings. She likes company. Among her passions there is sport, in fact she practices several.

Lucas, on the other hand, is 35 years old and is from Castiglione delle Stiviere. He studied art history and gemology and today works as an art curator. He has an older sister. He is precise and attentive, qualities that he puts into his work.

Will Carolina and Lucas be able to meet each other? We will find out what happens between them following the ninth edition of Marriage at first sight. We anticipate that the scene copies will be really unexpected.