Carolina Marconi and the checks after cancer: “There is something in the liver, I’m scared”

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“The results are out, mammogram-echo ok but in the CT scan there is something in the liver (there is never Pace) and therefore I will have to do another MRI with contrast to really see what it is”. Thus begins the post on Instagram with which the model and actress Carolina Marconi decided, after a few days of silence, to tell her followers the outcome of the latest checks she regularly undergoes after having undergone surgery two years ago for a tumor in the breast. “I thought a lot before publishing this post but I do what I feel – writes Marconi – I always tell the truth also because you kept me so company in the hardest moment of my life. That’s why I disappeared, it was a cold shower I was scared, I just have to wait for them to call me to do everything.”

“I had a real blackout”

“Yesterday when my oncologist called me to tell me that I had to have this check-up, I can’t tell you how much my legs were shaking – says Marconi – I felt my heart speed up again and in that moment everything I was doing suddenly no longer made sense, I had a real blackout, another two weeks damn with the question mark, then I’m an anxious subject but what will I do??”. The actress and model then continues: “You have to put your soul at peace, wait, think positively and not bandage your head before breaking it, it’s very hard because it’s like a ladder of life that after all the steps taken you know on one side that the last one is finally missing but on the other that you can stumble in a second…”.

“Let’s shake hands and be strong”

“However, my fears must not be stronger than my unconscious, now I only think about feeling good, I work, I paint, I tidy up the house, the garden, I cook, my mind is free, there is no point in staying there in bed crying – concludes Marconi – I they said not to publish anything because someone could bring me ‘bad luck’. I believe that those who have faith and believe in God do not give importance to these things. I share all this with you because I hope it gives strength and makes those who find themselves in same conditions as me, so let’s shake hands and be strong.”