Carolina Marconi: do you remember your first time at the GF? How has it changed

Before today Carolina Marconi has already been a Big Brother competitor years ago, do you remember how it was? How has it changed

After 41 days inside the most spied on house in Italy, Caroline Marconi concluded his experience at Big Brother VIP losing in televoting against the very young George Ciupilan.

How Carolina Marconi has changed (Credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

In the guise of competitor within the reality show we can say that she was a character who for better or for worse managed to make herself known even more by the public. We can say in a certain sense that this edition of Big Brother VIP was the one in which we saw great comebacks on the small screen. In fact, there are several faces of the characters known to the public for their past television experiences. Just think of the great return of Pamela Prati for example. Or, the return to the ‘competition’ after Luca Onestini’s experience a few years ago.

But among the characters who have ‘remade’ their entrance by crossing the red door of Cinecittà for the second time to participate in Big Brother Vip there would also be her, Caroline Marconi. Well, Carolina Marconi’s debut on TV took place thanks to Big Brother ‘nip’ in what was the edition aired in the now distant 2004, almost 19 years ago. But do you remember what Carolina Marconi was like in her first experience on Big Brother? Here it is in one shot!

Carolina Marconi at GF Vip: how it was more than 16 years ago

During these years life has put Caroline Marconi to the test by making them face one tough challenge against breast cancer. Before entering the house a few months ago, the Venezuelan joyfully let it be known that she had come out of this dark period in her life and that now she intends to live it to the fullest. That at GF Vip 2022 was her second experience within the well-known reality show. It’s been quite a few years since Big Brother made its television debut. Many things have certainly changed since then, starting with the conductor. In the edition aired in 2004we have seen Caroline Marconi do the debut on TV.

The beautiful Venezuelan, from what was her first experience on television, has managed to achieve truly sensational success. In fact, she has become a familiar face on the small screen to date. But what was Carolina Marconi like at her ‘television debut’? Almost 19 years ago for Carolina Marconi life changed for the first time. At the time she was very young and more awkward, but already in that edition she managed to make herself better known by the public. Undoubtedly she has not gone unnoticed then as now her incredible beauty of her. But speaking of that distant 2004, what was Carolina Marconi like at that time?

Caroline Marconi
Carolina Marconi at Big Brother (Credits: YouTube) – Sologossip

Here she is in this shot that tells of Carolina Marconi’s change from 2004 to today. Although she has more marked features today, we can say that she boasts a breathtaking physique and that she is truly splendid. To date she has changed something in her look, but today as then Carolina Marconi is really beautiful, don’t you think?