Carolina Marconi, the outburst: “Cured from cancer but adoption denied”

The Venezuelan actress: “The doctor told me that I am healed, but I am not considered healthy”

“One day the doctor welcomed me beaming: Carolina, you’re healed. A great happiness. But then, in practice, I’m not considered really ‘healthy’, for example due to the adoption procedures for a child. And not even to get a loan for my shop.” Carolina Marconi, 45 year old Venezuelan actress and competitor in the fourth edition of Big Brother, does not hide her bitterness for the ‘destiny’ that still befalls those who, after having faced cancer and overcome it, find themselves fighting with the limits imposed to those healed in economic and bureaucratic matters. “Truly absurd, especially if you consider that the INPS removes the subsidy linked to the disease because it considers you cured, and there are many women who write to me on this issue, while on other levels it is as if I remain always marked: you don’t have the same rights of those who have not fallen ill”.

The actress discovered in 2021 that she had breast cancer, a difficult experience, shared on social media where it has become a point of reference for many patients and women who have left this journey behind. With therapy the disease was defeated, but not its ‘social’ consequences. Starting from the difficulty of adopting a child. “They told me it will be difficult to get there, the waiting lists are long and we former patients are the last in line.”

And this will not improve even with the definitive approval of the law on oncological oblivion, according to the actress, “because I am 45 years old and if the rule of having to wait 10 years after the conclusion of treatment remains, there is no real possibility. The same thing goes for mortgages. A law is important but we also need to give the possibility of really being able to take advantage of our rights. In 10 years I will be 55. So it seems like a bit of a rip-off. We also need to make sure that we can really take advantage of the right, when it is useful. We want to go back to living, it’s not possible like this.”

We, he continues, “are tired of waiting. Let’s think about health insurance. Even if we are cured of the tumor we may have other treatments to do, the dentist or something else, but they don’t give us the insurance. We have the right to insurance that protects us, to a mortgage to have a house. Yet we, one million people cured of cancer in Italy, are more monitored than others: we do more tests, more screening. Our health is continuously monitored. AND we need to take back our lives, nothing else“.