Carolyn Smith, very bad episode: “They shot my dog”, what happened

Bad episode for Carolyn Smith: “They shot my dog”, explained everything that happened!

In the last few hours a truly horrible episode has happened to the judge of Dancing with the stars, Carolyn Smith. His story and the outburst that followed through social media, really left everyone speechless.

“They shot my dog”: very bad episode for Carolyn Smith (Source Instagram)

Carolyn Smith she’s a woman in one piece, she doesn’t get intimidated easily, but the episode that just happened to her really made her mad. It is well known that the former dancer and choreographer loves animals madly. In fact, in his family there are many four-legged members: three dogs including his beloved Labrador named Mikee, who is the object of his mistress’s great anger. In a long video uploaded to the profile Instagram, Smith tells everyone about the horrible experience she and her puppy is going through.

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Carolyn Smith, very bad episode: “they shot my dog”

The tale is really creepy, and Carolyn Smith barely holds back anger. “I’m trying to stay calm and not swear because I’ve been very sick these days.” The woman says that for a few days Mikee he was limping, so he asked his brother-in-law to take him to the vet. The discovery that followed was staggering! The Labrador he was hit by a gunshot, probably a shotgun. “They shot my dog, whoever touches animals is a piece of shit!”

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Carolyn Smith dog
Source Instagram

Smith goes on to say “Anyone who knows Mikee knows he’s the best dog in the world, he wouldn’t hurt anyone. He was making his round of the house, when someone with a rifle surely, because there are very small pellets inside the leg, shot him “. Carolyn Smith then she furiously turns to whoever made this inhumane gesture “You have to be very careful because I’m doing some investigations, I’ll find this person”. A shocking story that shocked the sensitivity of many, who all united around the anger of the well-known owner, with messages of solidarity and encouragement.

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Fortunately the poor Mikee he was saved and for now he is out of danger. We really hope that Carolyn Smith can find whoever did this horrible gesture to his dog.