Carolyn Smith, who is and what does her husband do in life

Carolyn Smith is a much-loved character by the Dancing with the Stars audience, but behind a special woman… there’s a record-breaking man!

The most loved international judge of Dancing with the Stars, Carolyn Smith is a point of reference for viewers. The historic juror of Rai 1’s longest-running program is thus followed precisely because of her skill and luminous personality. She is a Latin American dance champion, but her life has not been easy at all. There illness that hit her marked a setback, but after so much suffering, she found a way to go on. Next to her a sensitive man, he gave her support and strength in the worst moments: the story of their love is touching and completely unpublished.

Carolyn Smith private life, that’s who the husband is (Credits: @ carolynsmith5)-

For those not up to date, the Scottish dancer Carolyn Smith it is not only the most followed juror of the format conducted by the iconic Milly Carlucci. She is a highly professional champion on the international scene. At the age of just 15 she won the European Latin American dance championships, but the road predicted an unprecedented ascent, especially in Italy. She moved in 1982 after getting married to a colleague from Turin, but he is not the flame we will talk about today. The dancer and choreographer has an intense story, both for love and for the “stranger” with whom she was forced to dance: the evil that struck her.

Carolyn Smith and her better half, that’s who it is

The “unknown” in question, has the name of malignant breast tumor. In 2017 you in fact wrote a book entitled I danced with a stranger, in which he faces and retraces the stages of the disease, but above all the struggle he has led and is carrying on with energy. It is not a mystification of pathology, but it is a story that brings back the fragility and the pain behind the tumor, without forgetting that the greatest goal is to maintain a proactive attitude of rebirth.

At her side was a man who never made her feel less. From the dancer’s official Instagram profile it is possible to see that they are a very close-knit couple, but despite this they maintain a certain reserve. Between one shot and another, however, it is possible to find out who her man is and what she takes care of her. Her second husband’s name is Ernestino Michielotto. They have been married since 1997, despite having known each other since 1991, but the previous marriage has complicated things.

Carolyn Smith and husband Ernestino Michielotto background
Carolyn Smith private life, Ernestino Michielotto who is the husband and what he does (Credits: @ carolynsmith5)-

Carolyn Smith he should have divorced first, a goal achieved only after their knowledge and the birth of a solid and indestructible love. Ernestino Michielotto he is also close to his wife’s world, because he too is a dancer appreciated on the national scene. Despite this, nothing else is known about him. It is possible to deduce from the festivities on the official IG profile that he was born on February 18, but the year is not known. Under the sign of Aquarius, Ernestine is Carolyn’s adventure partner. They live in Vigonza, Padua, and with them are the two Yorkshires Sir Scotty and Lady BB.