Cartoon on sister Meloni, D’Ubaldo (Odg Lazio): “Convocation Natangelo is not a trial”

President Odg to Adnkronos: “Too much hype, just questions to assess whether there has been a violation of the right to satire”

“The journalistic advances have gone a long way, it is about a simple summons, there is no trial. And it was done according to the law, because the law establishes that if reports arrive on a specific case, the Order must send everything to the disciplinary board which moves independently”. Order of Journalists of Lazio Guido D’Ubaldowhich expresses some assessments following its decision to send the case of cartoon by Mario Natangelo (cartoonist of the ‘Fatto Quotidiano’) on the minister Lollobrigida and his wife Ariadne Meloni to the Disciplinary Board of the Order.

“I think the right of satire is absolutely to be protected -D’Ubaldo clarifies immediately- But in the face of a situation that has caused quite a stir, I questioned myself and, following a legal obligation, I sent the reports to the Disciplinary Board”. A decision that has created several controversies, but the president of the Order minimizes: “It was created too much fuss, colleague just needs to be listened to. It’s not a process. It is only a verification of the situation, various questions will be posed to the journalist. I believe that the college will evaluate in a very respectful way of the colleague and of the right to satire, and they will make their evaluations”.

The media storm takes him by surprise because, explains D’Ubaldo, “we have already intervened other times, it is not the first time. In some cases in the past on different situations, on migrants, and on other sensitive issues. It is a way to evaluate to what extent the right of satire collides with the sensitivities of weak people or other rights. We wonder if there could be a violation, starting from the fact that the right of satire must always be protected”, says the president of Odg Lazio.