Casa Cervi, April 25 with Capossela, Cisco-Bandabardò and Social State

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To remember, you need to know. This is a special April 25, accompanied by controversy and stomach aches, but which must respond to those who try to obscure its value. The answer comes, first of all, from music. On April 25 at Deer Housein Gattatico di Reggio Emilia, takes to the stage Vinicio Capossela, Cisco with the Bandabardo And The welfare state; (almost) surprise guest Mara Redeghieribetween one live show and another the dj sets of Mark Bee. A day of resilient music, a day to understand the value of the word freedom and to know who passed it on to us, at the cost of their lives. The president of the Institute did the honors Albertina Soliani. Many young people who have peacefully invaded this red land of history and soul since the early hours of the morning. A beautiful moment of sharing and celebration, of brotherhood, particularly important in this historic season where intolerance towards democracy is reported. I explored the meaning of April 25th but also of the music that has represented it over the years in this interview of mine with Stefano Cisco Bellotti.

For the third consecutive year Stefano “Cisco” Bellotti takes the stage 25 April to Deer House. A symbolic place of the Resistance. The seven deer brothers (Antenore, Aldo, Ferdinando, Agostino, Ovidio and Ettore), sons of Alcide Cervi and Genoveffa Cocconi, belonged to an anti-fascist peasant family with strong democratic and Catholic ideals; they took part in the Resistance and were taken prisoner, tortured and shot by the fascists on December 28, 1943 in the Reggio Emilia shooting range. Cisco together with Bandabardò, with him on stage, released the album “Non fa Paura”.

Stefano this year we expect a very strong shock force on April 25th and you, for history and ideas, are a spokesman for you.

It is the desire to reaffirm the values ​​of liberation in a strong and decisive way through the participation of the public but also of the musicians. I know that Vinicio has asked to be there because he has a song sung with Mara Redeghieri which talks about a partisan relay and has the urge to underline that he belongs to it. The Social State comes from a more pop and youthful world and I’m glad that it exists because it intrigues a younger audience than ours.
You are a loyalist of Casa Cervi.
You’re right, I’m at home there, it’s the third year in a row. Last year there was the reopening to the public, the year before I performed in streaming from the Cervi Brothers house. People know that go to the Museum and can find Cisco playing something.
It will be a particular April 25 given the current historical political moment.

What is happening has sparked interest in certain topics. There is more need to underline belonging and to claim values. The words of certain state officials make us reflect. Young people certainly want to take a stand but they also need topics that make them more aware of the country and of the historical moment in which we live.
This is also why the line-up is strong.

Politics belittles the value and strength of the Resistance and Liberation. It’s a way to raise your voice and participate.
Do you believe your song “Manifest” could it become a symbol of April 25, 2023?

I would say no. In general I tell you that I like songs that have something to say and make others feel involved. If you succeed, it means that it has arrived and you have obtained a minimum of results.
An excerpt from “Non fa scara” is called “Gita sul Po”: what remains of those trips?
The need to remember a little bit that is no longer there. As a child, we left Carpi with our parents by bicycle and went for a picnic between Boretto and Guastalla, dipping our feet in the water of the great river and then returning home relaxed in the evening. I know there are more fascinating places but it means recovering a ritual. At the time there was less money but people enjoyed their free time more. I still take my children to the banks of the Po even if it is now demeaning.
In “Sono un Eroe” you mention Chiarugi and Bulgarelli, in the past you dedicated a song to George Best.

Bulgarelli is a myth of mine, the symbol of Bologna and I had the Fiorentina fans play the song, almost creating a twinning. I remain a big fan of the real players of the past, Best above all. They fascinate me.
What would your grandparents say about this situation today?
They would have so much to say. I try to collect what they left me and taught me through my parents and I treasure it to tell my children. I try to tell the story of the country and my family through songs. I speak directly to the new generations.
What will happen in the summer?

I’ll be on tour with my band, I’ll communicate the dates soon. But in 2024 we will reunite with Bandabardò for another tour together and some new songs for our audience. We will only have one summer apart, they have a book to make known.