Casa Cervi, the Via Emilia in music to celebrate the feast of June 2nd

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Casa Cervi celebrates the Italian Republic Day and the 75th anniversary of our Constitution with a series of initiatives throughout the day: a party dedicated to culture, music and sharing in the open air in the large park “ai Campirossi” . Admission to the initiatives is free and no reservation is required. “A great celebration for our national community which is a democratic republic. Born with women, with their first vote on June 2, 1946 – he says Albertina Soliani, President of the Alcide Cervi Institute – Let’s celebrate with the students who are writing the new story of democracy. Let’s celebrate with the people, who return to Casa Cervi with love for democracy”.

The day begins at 11, with the inauguration of the exhibition “Artigiani della memoria” in the exhibition spaces of the Cervim Museum with works produced by the students of the 5th A and 5th C of the Istituto Superiore Liceale “Matilde di Canossa”. The exhibition is the result of the first edition of the homonymous new project of the educational proposal of Casa Cervi, centered on the objects, documents and images contained in the new installation of the Museum. At 3.00 pm, in the Casa Cervi Park, the initiative “Ad very high voice” will be held, with readings from the most beautiful speeches of the Presidents of the Republic, who, in different ways, have had links with Casa Cervi: Luigi Einaudi, Sandro Pertini, Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and Sergio Mattarella. From 17.30, in the farmyard of Casa Cervi, will be staged “AEMILIA. Travel notes”, a show of music, poetry and narration by the collective VocinQuArteT, produced by VocinArte. The theater-song performance is a “multimedia” journey that tells the story of the Via Emilia, to retrace, in an intergenerational sense, the Emilian musical culture of the last decades, with the songs of more and less well-known songwriters of the area: from Guccini to Vasco Brondi, from Bersani to Vasco Rossi, from CCCP to Lucio Dalla, from Nomadi to Bertoli, from Luca Carboni to Zucchero, from Modena City Ramblers to Ligabue. The Cervi Museum will remain open for the entire duration of the Festival with free admission. The bar service will be active all day. All information about