Casal Palocco accident, today warranty interrogation for youtuber Matteo Di Pietro

The young man is under house arrest under investigation for aggravated road homicide and injuries

AND’ the guarantee interrogation for Matteo Di Pietro has been set for today, the young youtuber under house arrest investigated for aggravated road homicide and injuries: he was driving the Lamborghini SUV involved in the accident in which Manuel, the 5-year-old boy, died last week in Casal Palocco, Rome. The mother and 4-year-old sister were also injured in the accident. Di Pietro’s arrest came after investigations conducted by the local police and carabinieri, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Michele Prestipino.

On June 22, the investigating judge Angela Gerardi ordered house arrest for Di Pietro, underlining among other things that the young man was going at over 120 kilometers per hour and that the cameras used for the videos have disappeared. Di Pietro, writes the investigating judge, had rented the Lamborghini SUV with “the sole and obvious purpose of impressing and capturing the attention of young web visitors to increase advertising earnings, to the detriment of safety and responsibility and consequently to proceed at a speed exceeding the indicated limits. Especially since some of the passengers present inside the Lamborghini had repeatedly invited them to reduce the speed they perceived as excessive with respect to the 50 km/h limit”.

From the examination of the data from the SUV’s GPS, according to the order with which the investigating judge ordered Matteo Di Pietro’s house arrest, “it emerges essentially that the Lamborghini was traveling along Via dei Pescatori, from which it came, heading towards via Macchia Saponara , at a speed of about 145 km/h; that when it was time to take Via di Macchia Saponara at 15:38, it stopped; that, having taken this road, it picked up speed, reaching a speed of 124 km/h in just 14 seconds immediately before the ‘impact”. The ordinance also underlines that “on the other hand, the data taken from the GPS signaled the sudden acceleration of the vehicle which, once it entered Via di Macchia Saponara, went from 0 km/h to 124 km/h, shortly before the impact – we read – The absence of braking marks probably demonstrates – underlines the investigating judge – that the sudden and very rapid deceleration was a consequence of the sighting of the car near the point where it verified the incident”.

Motivating the precautionary needs, the investigating judge writes that “a further indicator of a concrete and current danger of recurrence of similar crimes must be understood in the absolute unawareness, on the part of the suspect, of the need to respect the rules of the road by observing the speed limits, especially as a twenty-year-old, newly licensed and as such – underlines the investigating judge – required to apply greater prudence, in order to avoid danger to his own safety and that of others (the twenty-year-old could legitimately rent a supercar despite having obtained the driving license for just over two years, and yet he could not have driven it exceeding the limit of 90 km/h and in any case he could not have done so in an urban centre, where the speed limit is set at 50 km/h)”.

“Di Pietro’s conduct must be considered grossly negligent and causative of the accident as well as the consequences for the victims regardless of the possible ascertainment of contributing causes possibly attributable to the driver of the Smart”, underlines Gerardi again in the precautionary custody order. The magistrate’s deed contains several testimonies from people who were aboard the SUV and others present in the area of ​​the accident.