Casamonica clan maxi-trial, Appeal ruling: “It’s the mafia”

The judges confirm the accusatory system by accepting the appeal of the prosecutor, recognizing the 416bis and excluding only the aggravating circumstance of being an armed association

The judges of the Court of Appeal of Rome confirmed the accusation of mafia for the Casamonica clan. The sentence came after more than six hours of deliberation. The deputy attorney general Francesco Mollace represented the accusation in the maxi-trial, with the prosecutors Giovanni Musarò and Stefano Luciani applied in the proceeding, who during their indictment had reiterated the accusations against the clan: from the mafia association dedicated to trafficking and of drugs, extortion, usury and illegal possession of weapons. With the sentence handed down this afternoon in the Rebibbia bunker room, the judges confirmed the accusatory system by accepting the appeal of the prosecutor on four positions recognizing the 416bis, excluding only the aggravating circumstance of being an armed association.

“The investigation by the Rome prosecutor’s office has put an end to the excessive power of the Casamonicas. A clan that has been arm in arm with the Banda della Magliana and the strong powers of the capital for years”, said Mollace in his speech in recent hearings. A clan, prosecutor Musarò underlined, “with an impressive force of intimidation. The Casamonica ‘galaxy’ is that peculiar organizational structure that leads the different groups to unite when there is a ‘need'”.

In the first instance, on September 20, 2021, 44 sentences for over 400 years in prison had been imposed. The maxi-trial came after the arrests made by the carabinieri of the Rome provincial command as part of the ‘Gramigna’ investigation, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor of the Dda Michele Prestipino and by the deputy prosecutors Musarò and Luciani.

The highest sentence, at 30 years, went to Domenico Casamonica, at the top of the Roman clan. Heavy sentences also for Massimiliano Casamonica 28 years and 10 months, 24 years for Pasquale Casamonica, 26 years and 2 months for Salvatore Casamonica, 15 years and 8 months for Liliana Casamonica, 16 years and 2 months for Giuseppe Casamonica, 16 years and 6 months to Guerrino Casamonica.

“It’s a balanced sentence. Some aggravating circumstances have been excluded and others confirmed, the accusatory approach has been confirmed. The Rome prosecutor’s office has done a great job and this is a great result”. To say the deputy attorney general of Rome Francesco Mollace commenting on the Appeal ruling. “A sentence that is channeled in the wake of other sentences such as those on the Spada, Fasciani, Gambacurta clans who recognized the existence of the mafia in the Lazio region”, added Mollace.

“I didn’t think the judges could be more conformist than those of the first degree, but they succeeded. I’m disappointed”. To say the lawyer Joshua Bruno Naso defender, among others, of Domenico Casamonica, after the appeal sentence of the maxi-trial. “The problem is not the accusations of the prosecutors but – he continues – the conformity of the judges”.