Casamonica, on June 16 the appeal process to the clan begins

In the first instance 44 sentences for over 400 years in prison, in the motivations of the sentence that recognized the mafia as a galaxy of undisputed ‘criminal prestige’, proven mafia nature ‘

The Appeal process for the Casamonica clan will open on June 16, which saw in the first instance the sentence of 44 defendants for a total of over 400 years in prison for charges ranging from the mafia association dedicated to drug trafficking and drug dealing. , extortion, usury on illegal possession of weapons. The trial came after the arrests made by the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Rome as part of the ‘Gramigna’ investigation, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor of the Dda Michele Prestipino and by the deputy prosecutors Giovanni Musarò and Stefano Luciani who supported the accusation in the classroom.

In the 1,800 pages of motivations for the first instance sentence, pronounced on September 20 last year, the judges of the tenth section had underlined how “the long and complex preliminary investigation, consisting in the acquisition of both declaratory evidence from collaborators of justice, by victims of the criminal action of the group and by the judicial police operators, and by the cognitive contribution offered by multiple judgments pronounced in the context of the district against the accused, has presented significant evidence of the mafia nature of the Casamonica clan operating in the eastern quadrant of the city of Rome, identifiable in the Porta Furba area “.

For the judges “the extensive investigation carried out involved the Casamonica criminal group operating in the Appio-Tuscolana area of ​​the city of Rome, with an operational base in vicolo di Porta Furba, framing it, however, in a wider delinquent context, which we can call the ‘Casamonica galaxy’, endowed with an undisputed ‘criminal prestige’ in the Roman delinquent scene “. Now the trial will start for the defendants before the first section of the Court of Appeal.