Casamonica, with Appeal sentence acquitted Marshal Gdf: “No aiding and abetting”

Last Tuesday in the courtroom while the Mafia accusation against the clan was confirmed, the judges acquitted Vitale “because the fact does not exist”

At the maxi-trial in appeal against the Casamonica clan, where the judges confirmed the system of the prosecutor’s office for over 40 defendants and the accusation of mafia, there was an acquittal and it is that of Cristiano Vitale, a marshal of the Guard of Finance ended up in court on charges of aiding and abetting. After a sentence of two and a half years in the first instance, for Vitale, assisted by the lawyers Cristiano Sandri and Barbara Di Cosimo, an acquittal sentence was pronounced last Tuesday with the formula “because the fact does not exist”.

Upon reading the device in the Rebibbia bunker room, Vitale, who was always present at all the hearings in the two levels of judgement, burst into tears. “This sentence correctly applied the law – the lawyer Cristiano Sandri comments to Adnkronos – On Vitale’s part there was no aiding and abetting and his only ‘fault’ is that of being born and still living today at Porta Furba. An ordeal that lasted four years from which my client came out with a full acquittal. Now my hope is that he can resume doing, as a valiant representative of the forces of order, what he has always done with the same conviction. May he come back to life ”.