Case Closed Doctor Polo announced happy news

The lawyer Ana Maria Polo, better known as Doctor Polo, 62, rose to fame for her show Case closed that aired on the Telemundo network for more than 20 years. Currently on some air channels in Latin America it has its repetitions and the public does not forget it.

Ana Maria Polo. Source: Terra file

Secondly, Ana Maria Polo He makes contact with his virtual fandom on social networks where he accumulates more than two million followers from all latitudes and through that means he tells them his personal and professional news as well as showing part of his daily routine.

Ana Maria Polo. Source: Terra file

Now, through social networks, Ana Maria Polo He shared happy news for his fans and it is that he enlarged the family. The driver received some fish as a gift from her brother and added them to the daily life of her home. In the photo you can see these colorful animals that brighten their days.

The new members of Dr. Polo’s family. Source: instagram @anapolotv

“I present to you Sushi and the Gang. A gift from my brother. They arrived little ones and in a vase. They already have a bigger house and even the Bikini Bottom pineapple like in @spongebob ?? #HeDicho #CasoCerrado #AnaMariaPolo,” he wrote the lawyer with humor in the social network of the little camera.

Dr. Polo’s Christmas pine tree. Source: instagram @anapolotv

In another of her publications, the protagonist of Caso Cerrado He told his fans that Christmas has already arrived at his residence and in the living room of his home he put together the traditional Christmas tree. “Hello friends! Christmas has already arrived at my house. I really enjoy decorating my tree and each ornament has its meaning. Tell me how you decorate it if you have that tradition. Happy start of the holidays for everyone. I love you!” Ana Maria.