Case Open, Renzi attacks the Reformist: “Absurd investigation”

“Five annulment sentences by the Cassation even before the preliminary hearing. An investigation born of an ideological prejudice”

“The Open scandal is not that of the organizers of the Leopolda but that of an investigation so absurd as to have seen five annulment sentences from the Cassation even before the preliminary hearing. Five! I think it is a record”. He writes it Matthew Renzi in today’s editorial in “Il Riformista” entitled “Open to wonder”, dedicated to the judicial matter in which he is being investigated, with others, by the Florence Public Prosecutor’s Office, for alleged illegal funding of the Open Foundation, which supported his political initiatives when he was secretary of the Democratic Party and president of the Council.

“Even today I will appear before the Court in Florence as part of the ‘Open process’ – says Renzi -. Five years ago the first investigations, four years ago the scandalous show seizures which were later annulled by the Cassation, three years ago my notice of guarantee, two years ago the request for indictment, a year ago the preliminary hearing began.And I, as always, like every citizen, go to the Court canceling political commitments for an investigation born of an ideological prejudice that it will be remembered as one of the many flops, more serious than others due to the extraordinary initial media echo, even if no one talks about it anymore since the Cassation demolished the investigation by the prosecutors”.

The leader of Italia Viva then explains to readers that “Il Riformista” will not follow the preliminary hearing at the Court of Florence nor the eventual trial: “this newspaper is not the place for my defense. I defend myself: ‘The Mostro’ was a best seller, I never refused to answer journalists, I denounced the magistrates I held responsible because whoever has been Prime Minister has an obligation to respect the institutions. duty to denounce it, not the right to do so”.

“Il Riformista” will instead speak of the other judicial errors, “as we did yesterday: those that concern ordinary citizens, those that no one talks about”. “The Reformist”, Renzi always writes, “will give space to good magistrates, those who have to make a career regardless of their current”. “Il Riformista” will host the debate on the future of justice because it is “a crucial point for the credibility of the institutions but also for the stability of our economy”.

“Citing Enzo Tortora’s extraordinary speech, I know I am innocent and I hope that the magistrates who unjustly investigate me are also. But this newspaper cannot serve to settle my accounts or to proclaim my thirst for truth – continues Renzi in ‘editorial – This journal is for all those who believe that Beccaria’s homeland cannot be entrusted to the anger of the troubled executioners of our time, people who live on rancor, hatred, social envy. This journal does not deal with the Open process because it speaks everything else. And who knows, Minister Nordio will not give us a reform capable of making us believe in just justice again. Maybe the shameful Florentine investigations will give rise to a new awareness in the Italian judiciary. We are ready to be surprised: Open To Meraviglia” .